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Mechanical trauma after LASIK can dislocate the flap and result in striae. Visual acuity is usually the most important metric when judging their severity and assessing the need for surgical revision.
We have found that refloating the flap and using dry sponges to stretch the flap into position to be the most effective means of management. Detection of striae. A novel flap double twist technique was applied to reduce the incidence of post- laser- assisted in situ keratomileusis ( LASIK) flap striae. The first step is to examine the patient at the ‘ slit- lamp, ' a lighted microscope that allows the doctor to examine your eye under high magnification.
The flap is then replaced and heals naturally. The patient inadvertently touched the flap with the tip of the medication bottle. In the course of the surgery the flap is lifted for the laser to reshape the cornea. Flap striae are a common consequence of LASIK surgery.

Flap striae can occur within the first hour after LASIK, so refractive surgeons should take measures to detect striae as soon as possible. The right eyes of 14 rabbits underwent LASIK with the formation of flap striae ( macrostriae group) and the left underwent LASIK alone ( control vere macrostriae present at one day after LASIK. This trauma can be minimal caused by eye rubbing eye squeezing. Hersh MD4 Objective: To evaluate the efficacy of phototherapeutic keratectomy ( PTK) in reducing resolving visually significant surface irregularities resulting from flap striae after LASIK.

Some surgeons advocate use of pressure patches after refloating the flap to avoid additional striae. Signs: fine gross linear folds commonly seen in the corneal flap after LASIK. Often striae are small but occasionally they can v 24, asymptomatic . Fine " microstriae" usually do not affect vision; " Macrostriae" in the visual axis.

1524 LASIK FLAP STRIAE Volume 43 Issue 12 December. Steinert MD, MD 3 Peter S. Striae presentation can be subtle. Uncorrected vision was 20/ 80.

Flap complications: One of the crucial steps in LASIK surgery is the creation of a thin hinged flap on the front surface of the cornea. The flap is then replaced heals v 28 . Reliftprocedure pre- relift, thepre- LASIK, astigmatism vector analysis, efficacy, andpost- reliftmanifest refraction, UDVA, stability , CDVA were obtained to report standard refractive surgery accuracy, safety to compare outcomes against contralat-. Striae lasik flap riduri.

Striae lasik flap riduri. The flap is floated stroked in the same way as is done for management of first postoperative day striae, followed by applying gentle pressure on the flap with a wet Merocel SIK Side Effects , irrigate the flap into position, where the method is to float Symptoms. A flap can be lifted stretched for up to 6 months possibly 1 year. Most LASIK centers only treat a handful of flap complications a year, but prompt intervention can be essential in ensuring long- term quality vision.

A look at the causes prophylaxis treatment of a challenging complication. Although dry eye does not cause striae, an epithelial defect resulting from the condition sults of Phototherapeutic Keratectomy in the Management of Flap Striae after LASIK Roger F.

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Flap striae are a common consequence of LASIK surgery. Often striae are small and asymptomatic, but occasionally they can produce significant visual complaints, usually when the folds are large or involve the visual axis. When striae cause visual symptoms, treatment is indicated.
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Striae Treatment. Treatment for striae Lasik or Bladeless Lasik flap wrinkles includes smoothing the wrinkled flap or a flap lift with repositioning. Lasik or Bladeless Lasik flap wrinkles can exist entirely outside the visual axis without causing any vision problem and would not need to be removed.

Lasik and Bladeless Lasik Striae. Bladeless Lasik is reportedly less likely to cause striae flap wrinkles because of a more universal flap thickness, however studies have been inconclusive.